Sunday, September 14, 2014

♡Moving♡ ^ u ^)/

♡ Salam! 

As of todayIll be moving no longer updating  via blogger,My new personal blog will be on tumblr,since Its much easier for me to be active there. ^  _  ^)/

Any new Blog posts,tutorials and etc will be posted there as well,so if you're interested please feel free to follow ^ u ^.


PS:Sisters and fellow ladies only! ^ u ^)/

Saturday, June 21, 2014

♡ Kawaii Hijabi Post#18: Sporty Summer Ulzzang ♡

Look A: Sporty Summer Ulzzang

Inspired By:



^  3  ^

♡Kawaii Hijabi Post#17: First Youtube Video! ^ u ^ ♡

♡ Salam,Sisters! ♡

I finally made my first youtube video(-rather-first new video in a while).
Its a simple bow pillow tutorial.
Im not 100% happy with ill work on improving my filming and editing skills for videos in the future!

If any of you guys are interested in watching…please feel free!

^  u  ^



Monday, May 26, 2014

♡Kawaii Hijabi Post#16: What I've Been Up To ^ u ^)/ ♡


It feels like forever since I've stopped by my blog (when in reality its only been a week at the most).
I'm slowly getting used to my "new" life now that I've graduated.
Im still waiting for my certificate but I no longer have to study and what not.
Lots of my family and friends are all being very supportive and congradualating me....but its still sinking in slowly.

Im all "Oh...yeah...its great...":

While on the inside I occasionally feel more like:

But at the most publicly I'm all like:

Im really happy...but I guess im still on edge a bit.
I never let myself enjoy a break from things until I'm sure that they're all done and over with.
I've started several small part-time jobs.

And I've recently managed to finish my current wardrobe.
It could always use a new piece....but now i feel like it really represents me.
Now all i have to do is a bit of eBay accessory shopping,sew some harem pants and maxi skirts.

<3  ^ u  ^

I've also become incredibly lazy? I guess thats one way of putting it.
I'm super active on my weheartit and tumblr.
Its fun blogging from there!
I still love this blog the most though....i feel like its a bit more...."in depth" (dare i say?) when it comes to expressing myself and my ideas.

I really like to laze around at home today.
In Sha Allah....I will make a Taiba Market Haul.
(It depends on a few things,how soon it will be up).
And some sewing tutorials?

Hope all you Sisters are well and taking care of yourselves!




Saturday, May 10, 2014

♡Kawaii Hijabi Post#15: What I Got from Umm Al-Hamam Street :3 ♡

♡ Salam Sisters! ♡
I'm back after being AFK for sometime.
I apologize.  >  _  < '

I went shopping at Panorama Mall & Umm Al Hamam Street.
This Post will be of the items I brought at Umm Al Hamam Street.

The shops here are similar to the ones at Deerah (Suwaiqa Market) and Taiba Market.

So,here's the few things i got :).

♡1. Polka dott House Slippers

These slippers are cheap and cute.But they don't have the same effect I was hoping for when worn.They are cozy and wear rather well.I've been saving them for house guests.

♡2. Pale Tahini Skinny Pants

These pants were (almost) just what I was looking for!The color and fit is great...just the top is a bit loose. Im pretty sure who ever had worn them before me had stretched them a bit.They also had rather loose seams and a small hole in them.
One thing I like about the shops in the area is that they let you return things if they don't fit well. Sadly,whom ever returned these wasn't very honest about the pants condition when they did.
Since I like them so much...I've decided to keep them and just repair them myself.

Here's a black version of these pants.
The materials are slightly different..but the black pair is better than the tahini pair.It has much better quality and looks a lot nicer.
Its 100% 5/5!

♡3. Cute Baggy Dolman Sleeved Top

I really like this item...!
I love anything slightly oversized or with Dolman sleeves!
But this top was a bit small for me.
It should have a nice 3/4 effect when worn..but the sleeves only go past my elbows.
So im attempting to stretch it a bit.
Its cute to wear with a matching maxi dress and scarf.

♡4.Gold & Pink Maxi Skirts

This maxi skirt is so pretty and has great flow to it.
Its a nice skirt that could go with both dressy and dress casual outfits.
But its slightly too see-through.
This is a problem I've had with a lot of maxi skirts I've bought in the markets in Riaydh.
They look great and are nice to wear around Mahram,but would need to be layered with another skirt to be worn outside.This skirt comes with a slip underneath..but its still too see-through.

This is a pink skirt I brought from the same store.

♡5.Cute Striped Sweater


This is one of may favorite things I brought!
Its so cozy and is really cute.It goes well with skinny jeans and maxi skirts.
So I can wear it with Hijab outfits and around Mahram.

It also has bows on the back....I can't decided weather they look 100% cute or slightly tacky.

♡6. A-line Checkerboard Dress

This dress is cute and has a simple A-line silhouette to it.
It has a nice glossy gold belt around the waist and is very cute and dress casual.

♡7. Leggings :3

These leggings are awesome!They came in so many colors and all have long inseams.
They are cozy and lightweight enough to be worn anytime of year.
I love them so much I brought 3!

♡8. Dolman Sleeved T-Shirt

I mentioned how I love dolman sleeved tops earlier , so Im sure you can understand why I brought this.
The V symbol also reminded me of "V"( Taehyung) from BTS.
^ u ^

♡9. Kawaii Wannabe Pajamas

This pajama top looks nice on a hanger.
But looks slightly awkwardly when worn.
Its top part either looks too high or too low.
And the heart the bow is sitting on is kinda badly sewn.
But it looks good enough.

♡10. Awesome Bow Bag!

This bag is everything!
Cute, decent in regards to the quality and price(30SAR) and comes with 6 pockets!
One under the bow flap,one on the back and two inside.
The strap is fully adjustable and it sits nicely on the shoulder.

♡11.Cute Striped Fuzzy Socks

Great for the colder months and nice to look at.
I love these sock and have worn them often.
They aren't to thick and are really cozy.

♡12. Cute Misc

This ice-tray is ultra kawaii and I've been dying to use it to make
cute shaped ice-cubes for when my friends visit!

I brought a small pack of Pink balloons,heart shaped pink balloons and two pastel pink ribbons.

The balloons are heart shaped enough...but the material they were made of is  sort of weak.
The first balloon i blew up popped and i ended up getting hit by some of the material in the face.
It left a bruise that lasted for a few days.
But now when I blow them up i leave them slightly small so they don't pop.


This post was very simple and long overdue!
I apologize for taking so long to make it.
It seems like things couldn't help but pop up as of late.
Im going to get a bit of shut eye.
I hope some of you find this post interesting and helpful.


Kuma :3

*Lots of sweet love from my Guinea, Pig Shinko Chan. :3

The exact location of the shops is here:

8190 Umm Al Hamam, Umm Al Hamam Algharbi

Riyadh 12327 3990
Saudi Arabia

*(Should be typed into Google Maps)

xx-Kuma ^ u ^

♡ If you have any questions about either items,feel free to ask. ♡