Tuesday, December 24, 2013

♡ Kawaii Hijabi Post#9: 2 Muslimah Coords !♡

♡Salam,I feel bad for not posting much for such a long time,guys!Here's two new Hijabi Coordinates.....xoxo....Kuma :3♡

♡ Kawaii Hijabi Post#8: Mini Room Tour ^ 3 ^ !♡

♡ Salam,Sisters!♡

Today,I will be posting up,Just a small room tour of my Room.

^   u   ^

Lets go!

♡ This is the door to my room.I decorated it with Glittery Heart Stickers.   >///_///<♡

♡ So this is my Bed,Mirror and Study Desk.You can also see the window from the entrance.♡

♡ And then right after,My shelves...where i keep Kawaii/Cute things i collected,My Qurans,Study Books,Gyaru Magazines,Savings,Plushies,Accessories,Makeup,Nail Polish & Nail Art Goods,Hair Products & Lastly,My TV & PS2.  ^  U  ^♡

♡ I place my lamp and phone charger near my bedside....and to my left i have my favourite rainbow pillow& Big Puppy Plushie.♡

 ♡My closets are along the wall of the room.Right next to my bed.I keep all my fabrics,Sewing supplies,Art supplies,clothes and Gyaru-esque Clothing & Shoes in them.♡

♡ This is my study desk.I try to do most of my homeschooling here.I keep everything Ill use the most here...as well as my "manga materials".♡

♡ Just a page from the Manga I'm (kinda/hopefully continuing/managing to write good enough plot line for) working on.♡

♡Its Called "Sweet Nothings"...Its a Muslimah,Shojo styled manga...the first page is in semi-chibi forum.I plan to use a more detailed drawing style threw-out the book. ♡

♡This little fella here is "Mousey".I used him to decorate my room...and...♡
 ♡Hold all my kawaii/Hijab Pins.♡

 ♡ Last,but not least,Is my prayer rug...since its out around 5 times  a day or more(depending on where i am and what day it is)I figured I could squeeze it into the room tour....plus its such  lovely shade of blue.Its somewhat bright-blue-ish-turquoise in real life.♡

♡And my Polka dotted prayer hijab ^  u ^.♡

♡ Thats all,Ma Salama!♡

PS:I posted a room tour here ,on my Youtube Channel.  ^ - ^

Friday, December 13, 2013

♡ Kawaii Hijabi Post#7: Old Videos ^ 3 ^ !♡

♡Salam Sisters!♡

I ran across some old videos id made in the past,to help inspire some ideas for Muslimah Hijabi Gyaru Coords.
If you're interested,Feel free to check them out.

^   u   <

☪Muslimah Gyaru Coords-1:Long and Lovely☪


☪Muslimah Gyaru Coords-3:Harem Pants & Hijab☪


K U M A :3

♡Ma Salama!♡

Sunday, December 1, 2013

♡ Kawaii Hijabi Post#6: Tips On How to be a Hijabi Muslimah Gyaru ! ♡

♡Salam Sisters!♡

Today I'll be writing about one of my current favourite Asian fashion styles,Gyaru!
*(There are many different types of Fashion styles that fit into Gyaru fashion.
Rokku Gyaru,Hime Gyaru,Amekaji...etc.)

Today i'll be talking about how to implement General Gyaru kei fashion,Makeup & Hair into your daily look.
*(As always,the posts in the future and this post included,are only my educated opinions and what you do in your life is entirely up to you and between you and your creator.Do what you feel is correct and do it from the heart!)

♡Lets Start!♡

♡1.Find Your Look!♡

As you may know,there's a wide range of fashion styles and trends that have traversed into Gyaru fashion over the years.

From the (School girl) Kogal looks....

 to the edgy and cool Rokku Gyaru....

...... to the sweet and feminine  Hime Gyaru!

There's many sites and photos to use online to research different Gyaru Sub-styles and choose which you like.
Personally,I've always loves Hime Gyaru & Amekaji The most-but I follow general Gyaru Kei
(which pretty much covers all of the gyaru fashions and looks respectively)! ^ /// .  /// ^

♡2.Start developing your wardrobe!♡

Weather your about to start making alterations to things you have,buying new clothes,getting second hand ones or raiding a friends/sisters closet.
Hold on!

You must be thinking by now

"How am I going to wear Kawaii Gyaru clothes and Hijab?"

Similar to my previous post about *Basic Outfits*
All you need a bit of creativity and inspiration...!

For example.
^ 3 ^
Lets say you like Hime gyaru.

Find dresses and Skirts that are long enough to wear one their own.
Buy cute long sleeved tops and nice Hime style accessories.
Buy cute and pink and girl shoes with lace,bows or frills.
Lastly,wear a cute hime style hijab and maybe add a ribbon or roses hijab pin....

Here's a set i made,to help give a clearer picture ^^:
How about A bohemian Gyaru Inspired outfit?

A casual kawaii Popteen-esque gyaru look?

Preffer Rokku Gyaru inspired looks?

How about Amekaji?

Or Kogyaru?

I think by now,that you get the picture.. ^ u ^!

♡3.Gyaru Hair & Make-up!♡

If you're a Hijabi Muslimah,then you really must be wondering about Gyaru Hair and make-up.
Firstly,Gyaru makeup always consists of :

-Some sort of foundation,powder or concealer.
For a nice matte look.

-At least basic contouring/highlighting.

-Lipstick/Lipgloss and/or Blush.

-Circle Lenses.
-False Lashes.

Now I personally don't wear make-up publicly(because of my beliefs),outside of my Maharram or areas where there are other sisters.
I wear gyaru makeup when i go to class or work,usually.

Although i love lenses...
I don't own any circle lenses at the moment.
(I did own a pair,but my mother is very worried for my health often,so she won't allow me to wear them.)

Whether you choose to wear them or no is your decision,but they tend to have a very kawaii-fake/dolly feel to them.

I like lenses because they're often subtle enough to not be flashy...but fake enough to not be deceptive.

I feel the same way when i buy thick or fuller falsies.
As for lashes,In Gyaru fashion,they come in all styles,lengths,colors and shapes.

But I avoid any natural looking lashes,that could make people think they were my REAL lashes(thus causing Fitnah).
Gyaru are known for wearing hair extensions and the like,but I also choose to avoid those as well
(again,to avoid being deceptive).

As for gyaru hair,when you're not wearing hijab,there's an endless list of Voluminous,natural,edgy,super kawaii and etc Gyaru hairstyles to choose from.

Work with what you have,and remember to take care of your hair!
^ //// u /// ^) /~~~~~~****!
As a hijabi,your hair is often covered when you're outside,thus it will be better protected from the elements and the damage they cause.And if you tend to avoid unnecessary styling..then you'll have an even healthier head of hair to work with.
There are all sorts of non heat styles you can use to take care of your hair when styling.
And theres allot of information you can do about hair health for all sorts of hair types now-a-days,so don't miss out!

♡4.Gyaru Accessories!♡

For info about buying Gyaru accessories,look at my previous, *Basic Accessories* Post!

Depending on what Gyaru-sub style(or styles) you want to try,you'll have different accesessories you would need to buy.
But the list is a good place to start ^^.

♡5.Buy a Gyaru Magazine!♡

There are many Gyaru magazines out there...with different styles and looks.
Popteen was one of my first,its a very good beginner Gyaru magazine and aimed at an teenaged audience.

Other popular magazines are Egg,Ranzuki,Popsister,Ageha and etc.

♡6.Follow a Gyaru fashion blog!♡

Finding blogs like "Universal Doll" will be helpful in helping you stay up to date on gyaru fashions,events and trends!
^ U ^

You can also follow other  Gaijin Gyaru to  connect with girls who like Gyaru in your area and find out good places to shop for Gal items! <3 <3

♡7.Avoid Drama!♡

Sadly,There are some individuals in the  International Gyaru community who are very vulgar or hateful,leaving criticism and often putting other girls who like gyaru fashion down.
But there are many who just want to have fun and enjoy gyaru fashion.
Ive myself come across 2 other Hijabi muslimah bloggers in the past who liked gyaru fashion and other Kawaii Styles...
They are out there!

Your  best bet would be to find other Muslimah's in your area who would enjoy gyaru fashion and experience it together.
No matter what you choose to do,do what you know is right,feel is safe and makes you happy!

^ /// . /// ^
Thats all for todays post!
Im sorry for being away for so long!

Next time,I hope to talk about Ulzaang fashion!


*As always,the posts in the future and this post included,are only my educated opinions and what you do in your life is entirely up to you and between you and your creator.

Do what you feel is correct and do it from the heart!

Ma Salama!!
^   -   ^


K u m a