Friday, September 27, 2013

♡ Kawaii Hijabi Post #1: Neko Hijab Style ♡


♡A s a l a m u a l e i k u m ! ♡

This is my first post here on Kawaii i decided to make a small set of Pink,Black & Beige,Neko inspired outfits!
I love all animals,but some of these kawaii kitty styled accessories are just too cute to resist!

Ive seen the cat eared headbands in allot of kfashion photos and japanese magazines.

Since they're usually quite simple,rather small in size and ultra easy on and off they make a really cute and simple add on to a kawaii,hijab friendly look.

^   -   ^

Kuma :3

(Sorry for such a simple small short post...Insha Allah..ill have more next time!)

♡ ^///-///^ ♡

PS:Here's an extra one,just for today.

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