Tuesday, October 29, 2013

♡ Kawaii Hjabi Post#5 : Proportions o0o0o0o ♡

♡ A s a l a m u a l e i k u m 

I hope you sisters have been well!
This post will have some basic drawings i made
(which mind you all,i can draw better,but i was short on time. :3)
 to help me better explain my opinions  in this post.

The topic of this post is "Proportions".

If you were hoping it would be about body types + Hijab fashion + Kawaii/K Fashion,you'll have to wait for future post.
> -  <

This post will focus mostly on some basic combinations ( in terms of their proportions) for making Kawaii/KFashion style Hijabi Outfits & Coords.

Growing up,and becoming a young Hijabi muslimah,my mother always taught me about balance.
Clothes could be modest without being frumpy or too baggy,but clothes could also be too tight or inappropriate,and balance was always needed.

Here a several basic combinations in terms of how loose or slim/long or short the pieces are and how i'd advise to pair them together.

(As always,the posts in the future and this post included,are only my educated opinions and what you do in your life is entirely up to you and between you and your creator.

Do what you feel is correct and do it from the heart!)

♡Look A

This look is a basic long sleeved,slim sleeved maxi dress with a small vest.
A cropped tank top over the maxi dress,in place of the vest,can go with this look as well.

♡Look B
This outfit is comprised of mainly A long sleeved top or Outerwear,with a Dress and jeans underneath,and knee high boots.

♡Look C
Look C,one of my favourites is mainly a pair of harem pants paired with a cute poncho and furry accessories.
Such as a bear hat and Furry ankle boots.

♡Look D
A very simple outfit.Consisting of just  a long sleeved basic Inner shirt and a sleeve-less maxi dress.

♡Look E
Look E is similar to look D,only,instead of an inner shirt,one would ware a dolman or batwing sleeved cardigan with the maxi dress.

♡Look F
Another one of my favourite looks.
A cute Bobble hat & ankle boots paired with a loose long sleeved Crop top and harem pants.

♡Look G
Similar to look F,only instead of a cropped top,one would wear a simple slim & long sleeved hoodie.

♡Look H
This is another look i really like.
A simple maxi dress or high waisted maxi skirt,with a long sleeved crop top sweater.

♡Look I
The last look for today.Look I is a simple pairing of a long sleeved,knee length-loose fitting top with
Straight cut jeans or light weight harem pants.

Thats all i could post for today Everyone!
I hope that for at least some of you,these basic outfits can come in handy in planning future muslimah outfits...!

Ma Salama!!
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K u m a 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

♡ Kawaii Hijabi Post#4: Hiatus ♡ :3

   A  s a l a m u a l e i k u m

Kuma Here!

Sorry for being away for so long!
>   -    <

I havent given up on this blog!
Just brainstorming for new ideas and trying to arrange my time,so i can get my studies done,maintain my blog and part-time job,as well as have "Me" time.

Insha Allah,I'll manage to make post Once or twice a week.
Please bare with me,Sisters!


Kuma :3

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

♡ Kawaii Hijabi Post #3: Basic Accessories! ^ 3 ^ ♡

♡ A s a l a m u a l e i k u m , S i s t e r s! ♡

♡Todays topic will be "Basic Accessories"!♡
The accessories i plan to list will come in handy with numerous looks...
So they're sort of like "Semi-Must-Haves"
(Depending on your taste,although most of them are generally very compatible with a lot of styles in general).

♡1.Cute Nerdy Glasses♡
Cliche as they may be....one has to admit...they're very very common in both kawaii & KStyle Fashion trends!
They come in many shapes and sizes!
Many without any lenses in them at all,Just a basic frame
...and some with lenses that can be use as actual real glasses! :3

♡2. Knit Bobble Hats ♡
With the colder months moving in...It wouldn't be a bad idea to get one.
They're very cool & Cute,depending on how you wear them,position the bobble,the Color,size of the hat itself.....even how slouchy or fitted it is!

♡3. Cutesy Earmuffs ! 
Even as a sister who knows what hijabs to wear in the cold weather....wearing earmuffs is cute all the same.
Big ones are really kawaii...but average sized ones,with a bit of fluff & color and even animal print,can be just as good!

♡4. Cute Hijab Accessories! 
If you've been wearing hijab long enough,I'm sure you've come across the countless videos on YouTube of sisters teaching multiple hijab styles.

(If you haven't,well,feel free to check it out....Depending on your face shape and the type of fabric your hijab is made of,you have a number of styling options available to you!)

Just adding a few simple Hijab accessories,can really give a whole new feel or look to an otherwise ordinary Hijab style!

Ill list out the basics:

♡-Bobby Pin Accessories♡
♡-Hair Barrettes
♡-Bobby Pins
♡-Chandelier/Dangle Earrings
♡-Broaches & Pins


Most of the accessories listed above can be place on or slipped into your Hijab.
They can also be used to hold folds in place and keep your Hijab from Slipping about or blowing out of shape in the wind! ^ u ^

(*Tip: Please remember to take good care of your hair even though you wear hijab.We all know about washing,conditioning & avoid using to much heat.But don't forget that the fabric of a hijab can cause Friction against the hair strands,leading to breakage and spilt ends!3 
Use a Satin cap or use gentle methods to keep your hair in place under your hijab! -Kuma :3 )

♡5. S C A R V E S ! ♡

Did'nt see that coming,did you?Or did you? 
Either way-don't let that keep you from collection them in the hundreds!
Im serious!Having a variety of hijabs,in colour,style,prints,shapes-be it infinity scarves,rectangular pashminas or square hijabs,all should be welcome!

Find what fabrics you feel most comfortable with,what style of hijab suits your face best while covering your aura correctly.
What colors you look your best in.
What styles and prints speak more to your taste in fashion....Just collect allot of nice hijabs.
Having even 10 is good enough....and you don't have to collect them all at once.

Here are some good prints/patterns/colors to have(just my personal opinion):

A Sweet and Floral Scarf

A Solid Black Scarf

A Solid Bright Pink Scarf

A Strong Solid Red Scarf

A Light cream or Beige Scarf

A Striped Patterned Scarf

A Solid White Scarf
(Or very light beige/cream)

A Baby,light Pink Scarf

A Polka Dot patterned Scarf

A Lacey Scarf

A Plaid Print Scarf

A Grey Scarf

And last but not least(if you feel you could find it useful-i definitely recommend it)
-An Inner Scarf!

Inner scarfs help cover your hair as well as your neck area,leaving more room for looser hijab styles and more voluminous styling.

You may be able to find them locally or online.

 ♡ u 

*PS:Im sorry this post is so late,i wanted to make sure i was satisfied with it before posting it up!
Next time ,  i hope to be discussing basic Combo's for making Hijab friendly looks.
As always,the posts in the future and this post included,are only my educated opinions and what you do in your life is entirely up to you and between you and your creator.

Do what you feel is correct and do it from the heart!

Ma Salama!!
^   -   ^


K u m a