Wednesday, January 15, 2014

♡ Kawaii Hijabi Post#10: RED Hijabi Coords !♡


I had the time I made this small set of coordinates.
Red & Black were my favorite colors in the past(before i discovered Fuchsia),So i found this set really enjoyable to make.

I was worried it would look too "Christmas-ey"(With the whole winter,white and red of it all).
I hope its neutral enough ^  u  ^.


Kawaii Kuma

Saturday, January 11, 2014

AFK Studying T ^ T


My Graduations coming up soon,so Ill be busy studying and working even more!
Hopefully,ill be back by March.

Ill be able to post a few hauls or Haul Videos at the most.


Im sorry,to any of you whom actually visit my blog with the desire to find new outfits of Hijabi fashion advice.

InshAllah,Ill be able to continue soon!


Natissa K