Monday, February 3, 2014

♡Kawaii Hijabi Post#11: How to be a Hijabi Ulzzang! * u * ♡

♡Salam Sisters!♡

I pray you've all been well!
Today,i'd like to make a little post about Ulzzang fashion,and hopefully,give some tips to  You sisters who are interested in it and would like to merge elements of the look into your day to day style.  ^  u  ^

^  u  ^

1.♡ Whats Ulzzang Fashion? ♡

Im sure most of you have already become well versed with the term Ulzzang and the fashion style,make,hair and general Look that go with it,but for those of you who aren't,ill try to summarise a bit of backstory for you ^^.
(*Skip if you already know :3  ^^.)

Ulzzang,is a term in korean(made from a combination of two korean words),meaning "Best-Face".
People who became known as Ulzzangs,first started out as people who would post their photos on online sites and gained popularity because of their appearance.
Popular Ulzzang could go on to become singers,actors,models and etc,after having achieved their popularity.
But,with time,the term Ulzzang has generally died out in korea,or rather,the phenomena is not as popular now.
Still,there are many people who follow Ulzzang/kfashion looks and trends in korea and internationally as a whole.

With that out of the way,lets get started. ^ u ^

2.♡ The Look (Part 1) ♡

Ulzzang wear a variety of fashion styles and looks,based upon their preference and whats fashion at the time.

Ulzzang fashion tends to have a very "Asian-Fashion"/"fast-fashion" feel too it,so allot of Looks that you may like,can easily be compiled by shopping online and in the mall.

Stores that sell Chinese made clothes and japanese clothes & accessories also carry items which can be used to create Kfashion outfits,But Ideally,you would want to shop online(or at the mall,if your in korea  ^ 3 ^)
at stores like Yesstyle and DGG sites(korean online clothing stores which have a special section available for international shoppers).

3.♡ Get Your "Best-Face"!♡

Take a look at these next few photos..


Notice anything similar about the girls in these photos?
They all have slim faces,clear skin,well defined eyes and a small nose and mouth.
This particular type of beauty is preferred in other Asian fashion trends and classic ideals of beauty as well.
But regardless of how you look,the main focus of Ulzzang for you should be to put your "best face" forward!

Here are a few tips to help(InshAllah):

1.Remeber to take good care of your skin!
Keep it moisturised,avoid pimples and minimise them when you can.
Be gentle with it and take good care of it when your not wearing makeup and about to go to bed.
Getting enough rest and healthy blood flow is crucial to good skin.

2.Practice doing face massages..!
Yes,they do exist,and there are even ways to help slim down your face and reduce water retention,as well.
Try searching them up on Youtube or googling them.They help your skin get better circulation as well,so don't miss out if you can help it.Just make sure you used clean hands on a clean face.
(Ive tried them before,and they have helped me slim down my jawline and get rid of any puffiness in my face.  ^ u  ^)
and Lastly..

3.Try to avoid using the wrong skincare products for your skin type.And use products with less harsh chemicals in them as often as possible.Don't over-wash and don't forget to tone & moisturise!

4.♡Style It By Face-Shape!♡

Ive mentioned this before in a previous post,but its important all the same.
And can make a world of 


Learn to style you hijab by your face-shape..!

It can help get rid of any exsisting akwradness to your appearance that you sometimes get when you style your hijab.

An australian Muslimah fashion blogger made a wonderful post about it here:

5.♡ (Mahram)Hairstyles & Makeup ♡

Ulzzangs hairstyles and Makeup Looks vary,but their Makeup has certain focuses ...
In Makeup,Ulzzangs,Ideally,should go for a natural,light beauty type of look.

With focus on enhancing the eyes and minimising the nose and lips,adding light definition to the face and slimming it with light contouring. 
To better suit your style of makeup to your face,read up online and search for tutorials!
Once you know what your working with and how to work with it,the rest is easy,just a matter of finding Ulzzang hairstyles and makeup looks you like that suit your face shape. ^  -  ^

*(All though Photoshop and photo-editing is notorious in Ulzzang fashion,its not necessary ,and ideally,since Ulzzang should have a natural look,its best to avoid any heavy photoshopping)

6.♡  Selfie Away! ♡

When you feel happy with you achieved look,feel free to document it as much you like!
(but don't get too carried away!)
Ulzzang fashion wouldn't be Ulzzang fashion without a bit of Selca taking(would it?)!
If you decided to post any photos online,id advise you to post them as private,and only
 visible to Other sisters whom you trust
to respect your preferences and privacy ^ - ^.
Or you can take photos with an instax camera and store it in a journal!
It would be very cute!

I hope you have fun!

^   -   ^

I hope that these tips have been helpful for 
those of you who like Ulzzang fashion! ^ - ^

(InshAllah,Ill have more posts up more often!)

^   -   ^
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