Tuesday, December 24, 2013

♡ Kawaii Hijabi Post#8: Mini Room Tour ^ 3 ^ !♡

♡ Salam,Sisters!♡

Today,I will be posting up,Just a small room tour of my Room.

^   u   ^

Lets go!

♡ This is the door to my room.I decorated it with Glittery Heart Stickers.   >///_///<♡

♡ So this is my Bed,Mirror and Study Desk.You can also see the window from the entrance.♡

♡ And then right after,My shelves...where i keep Kawaii/Cute things i collected,My Qurans,Study Books,Gyaru Magazines,Savings,Plushies,Accessories,Makeup,Nail Polish & Nail Art Goods,Hair Products & Lastly,My TV & PS2.  ^  U  ^♡

♡ I place my lamp and phone charger near my bedside....and to my left i have my favourite rainbow pillow& Big Puppy Plushie.♡

 ♡My closets are along the wall of the room.Right next to my bed.I keep all my fabrics,Sewing supplies,Art supplies,clothes and Gyaru-esque Clothing & Shoes in them.♡

♡ This is my study desk.I try to do most of my homeschooling here.I keep everything Ill use the most here...as well as my "manga materials".♡

♡ Just a page from the Manga I'm (kinda/hopefully continuing/managing to write good enough plot line for) working on.♡

♡Its Called "Sweet Nothings"...Its a Muslimah,Shojo styled manga...the first page is in semi-chibi forum.I plan to use a more detailed drawing style threw-out the book. ♡

♡This little fella here is "Mousey".I used him to decorate my room...and...♡
 ♡Hold all my kawaii/Hijab Pins.♡

 ♡ Last,but not least,Is my prayer rug...since its out around 5 times  a day or more(depending on where i am and what day it is)I figured I could squeeze it into the room tour....plus its such  lovely shade of blue.Its somewhat bright-blue-ish-turquoise in real life.♡

♡And my Polka dotted prayer hijab ^  u ^.♡

♡ Thats all,Ma Salama!♡

PS:I posted a room tour here ,on my Youtube Channel.  ^ - ^

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