Monday, April 7, 2014

♡Kawaii Hijabi Post#14: The Lag of Life ♡

♡ Asalamu Aleikum, Sisters! ♡

Good news...and Bad news!

Good news first!
I finally accomplished all my shopping!
Ill have two posts up (In Sha Allah) with a lot of pictures and info!

Hopefully,for those of you who live in the area,it will be of benefit to you. ^ - ^ ) /!

And....Bad News...
I was starting on the first post...when we were suddenly called out to a wedding.
So my plans for the entire evening(since we were out until 2am) were postponed.

But by the end of the next day... the weekend had come to an end.
And i had to head to bed early.. T^T)!!
And we have plans for the next weekend!

T  ^   T )/!

*Le Sigh*

Im looking forward to the next few weeks!

> _ <


Kuma Kuma!

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