Monday, May 26, 2014

♡Kawaii Hijabi Post#16: What I've Been Up To ^ u ^)/ ♡


It feels like forever since I've stopped by my blog (when in reality its only been a week at the most).
I'm slowly getting used to my "new" life now that I've graduated.
Im still waiting for my certificate but I no longer have to study and what not.
Lots of my family and friends are all being very supportive and congradualating me....but its still sinking in slowly.

Im all "Oh...yeah...its great...":

While on the inside I occasionally feel more like:

But at the most publicly I'm all like:

Im really happy...but I guess im still on edge a bit.
I never let myself enjoy a break from things until I'm sure that they're all done and over with.
I've started several small part-time jobs.

And I've recently managed to finish my current wardrobe.
It could always use a new piece....but now i feel like it really represents me.
Now all i have to do is a bit of eBay accessory shopping,sew some harem pants and maxi skirts.

<3  ^ u  ^

I've also become incredibly lazy? I guess thats one way of putting it.
I'm super active on my weheartit and tumblr.
Its fun blogging from there!
I still love this blog the most though....i feel like its a bit more...."in depth" (dare i say?) when it comes to expressing myself and my ideas.

I really like to laze around at home today.
In Sha Allah....I will make a Taiba Market Haul.
(It depends on a few things,how soon it will be up).
And some sewing tutorials?

Hope all you Sisters are well and taking care of yourselves!




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