Wednesday, October 2, 2013

♡ Kawaii Hijabi Post #2: A Positive Message ♡

        A s a l a m u a l i e k u m

I pray you all have been well since my last post!
Im ever so busy these days..but this blog has been a long running dream of mine...and I've finally gotten around to making it!

^ /// - /// ^

There are so many little ways to introduce kawaii/Kfashion in your life!

Weather its patterns,clothing items,cute accessories,sweet stationary or precious room decor items!

Even themes and fonts that you use!
Mobile wallpapers and Icons!
Apps,Games,Cameras and More!
*(Cocoppa Post on the way for Android users!)

All in all...these little details add up to the big its easy to start your journey one step at a time.

I plan on doing a room tour in the near future (Insha Allah/I.A.)
And most of the items you'll see will have been things i've accumulated over the past 2-4 years!

Of course it dose not always have to take that long...but taking it slow can have great results in the long run!

Today ill be showing ways to Hijabafiy
Different Kfashion And Gyaru looks!

Starting with Kfashion!
^   u    ^

♡   L o o k s   A   -   C   I n s p i r a t i o n   


(Accuracy:60%,roughly similar with the
addition of shoes + Hijab)


(Accuracy:40%,roughly similar 
with the addition of shoes
+ Hijab)


(Accuracy:70%,roughly similar,same theme with the
addition of footwear + Hijab)


♡ L O O K S    D - F    I n s p i r a t i o n:


(Accuracy:75%,roughly similar look with the
addition of Shoes + Hijab)


(Accuracy:80%,Same look and feel,With harem pants and Hijab)


(Accuracy:80%,Same Color scheme,cute and fun vibe,
With the addition of Hijab..and rather similar kicks.)

InshaAllah,Ill be able to improve my sets!
Hope to see you all soon!



^   U   ^

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