Tuesday, October 29, 2013

♡ Kawaii Hjabi Post#5 : Proportions o0o0o0o ♡

♡ A s a l a m u a l e i k u m 

I hope you sisters have been well!
This post will have some basic drawings i made
(which mind you all,i can draw better,but i was short on time. :3)
 to help me better explain my opinions  in this post.

The topic of this post is "Proportions".

If you were hoping it would be about body types + Hijab fashion + Kawaii/K Fashion,you'll have to wait for future post.
> -  <

This post will focus mostly on some basic combinations ( in terms of their proportions) for making Kawaii/KFashion style Hijabi Outfits & Coords.

Growing up,and becoming a young Hijabi muslimah,my mother always taught me about balance.
Clothes could be modest without being frumpy or too baggy,but clothes could also be too tight or inappropriate,and balance was always needed.

Here a several basic combinations in terms of how loose or slim/long or short the pieces are and how i'd advise to pair them together.

(As always,the posts in the future and this post included,are only my educated opinions and what you do in your life is entirely up to you and between you and your creator.

Do what you feel is correct and do it from the heart!)

♡Look A

This look is a basic long sleeved,slim sleeved maxi dress with a small vest.
A cropped tank top over the maxi dress,in place of the vest,can go with this look as well.

♡Look B
This outfit is comprised of mainly A long sleeved top or Outerwear,with a Dress and jeans underneath,and knee high boots.

♡Look C
Look C,one of my favourites is mainly a pair of harem pants paired with a cute poncho and furry accessories.
Such as a bear hat and Furry ankle boots.

♡Look D
A very simple outfit.Consisting of just  a long sleeved basic Inner shirt and a sleeve-less maxi dress.

♡Look E
Look E is similar to look D,only,instead of an inner shirt,one would ware a dolman or batwing sleeved cardigan with the maxi dress.

♡Look F
Another one of my favourite looks.
A cute Bobble hat & ankle boots paired with a loose long sleeved Crop top and harem pants.

♡Look G
Similar to look F,only instead of a cropped top,one would wear a simple slim & long sleeved hoodie.

♡Look H
This is another look i really like.
A simple maxi dress or high waisted maxi skirt,with a long sleeved crop top sweater.

♡Look I
The last look for today.Look I is a simple pairing of a long sleeved,knee length-loose fitting top with
Straight cut jeans or light weight harem pants.

Thats all i could post for today Everyone!
I hope that for at least some of you,these basic outfits can come in handy in planning future muslimah outfits...!

Ma Salama!!
^   -   ^


K u m a 

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